Sometimes making something leads to nothing, but ____

Concepção e orientação: Samuel Silva
Perfil dos participantes: Profissionais de educação em Museus de Arte Moderna e Contemporânea
Dimensão do grupo: 11 participantes
Duração: 2h30
Local: Nykøbing Sjaelland, Denmark
Data: Março de 2015

Sometimes making something leads to nothing, but ____ is based on the participants themselves and in their individual construction of subjectivity. From sensorial collective experience to the individual introspection we will challenge our imagination and symbolic language through performative drawings.
In the first part we will focus on the externality of the body through performative games, on transit between group and silent individual experience. The emotional and psychological dimension will occupy our attention in the second part, where participants will be encouraged to remind their affections and most significant memories for posterior translation in a poetic installation.
How we see and represent ourselves?