How to build an affective coexistence with contemporary art through a radical acceptance of “not knowing”?

Silva, S. ( 27.11.2020). “Ut(er)opia” [workshop]. Plataforma Doutoral do Grupo de estudos em Arte Contemporânea do Instituto de História de Arte da FSCH da Universidade Nova de Lisboa.


In the last years I have lead several workshops for educators, teachers and educational services professionals within several contemporary art museums and cultural institutions in Portugal. One of the biggest challenges I faced can be summarized in the following questions: How to create a minimum relationship with contemporary art objects, many of them highly complex, abstract or hermetic, with people without preparation or any frequent contact with contemporary culture? How to create an affective even precarious coexistence through a radical acceptance of “not knowing”?
Is it possible to produce alternatives to the usual intellectual approaches to the art?